In the mid-1980s, Frost released several pre-gangsta 12" singles on Los Angeles-based labels Electrobeat and Baja. In the late 1980s, Kid Frost moved to Virgin Records. Virgin released his biggest hit, "La Raza". His debut album, Hispanic Causing Panic was released in 1990. He also established a Latin rap supergroup called Latin Alliance, which released their only album, Latin Alliance, in 1991. His second album, East Side Story was released in 1992, which featured appearances from MC EihtA.L.T. and Ganxta Ridd from the Boo-Yaa TRIBE.

In 1995, Frost dropped the "Kid" from his nickname and signed with Ruthless Records, Eazy-E's label (distributed by Relativity). Smile Now Die Later was released that year. Above The Lawwere featured as guest rappers, alongside A.L.T., O. Genius and KokaneRick James also appeared on Frost's version of "Mary Jane". His second album for Ruthless, When Hell.A.Freezes Over, was released in 1997. Ice-T, Scoop, O. Genius and Domino also appeared as guest rappers.

In 1999, Frost moved to a small independent label called Celeb-entertainment records. His first album for Celeb-entertainment titled This Was Then This Is Now Vol. I was released in 1999. KuruptKing TBaby Bash, Jay Tee, Jayo FelonyXzibitB-Legit, and Cameosis were featured on the CD. That Was Then This Is Now Vol. II was released in 2000. Frank V., Clika One, Jay Tee, Baby Bash and other guest rappers were also featured on the CD.

2002's Still Up In This Shit!, released by Hit-A-Lick / Koch Records, featured more Latin rap style and G-Funk tracks as well as a hidden bonus rock track titled "Cannabis". Mellow Man AceDaz DillingerBaby BashA.L.T.Nino BrownDon Cisco and other guest rappers appeared, and one track featured the group Tierra. Somethin' 4 The Ridaz was released in 2003 on 40 Ounce Records and featured various hip hop artist from Texas.

In 2005 Welcome to Frost Angeles was released on Thump Records, which was produced almost entirely by Frost and his son, Scoop De'Ville. Only the Intro is produced by Binky Womack, and Philly Blunt co-produced one track. Guest rappers included Cameosis, Genovese and Jay Tee. Frost again signed to Low Profile Records and released his album Till The Wheels Fall Off in 2006. It had various guest appearances which included Baby Bash, Scoop De'Ville and Mr. Sancho.

Frost also performed music for films including "Bite the Bullet (Theme from Gunmen)" in the 1993 film Gunmen and "Tears Of A Mother" in the film No Mothers Crying, No Babies Dying, which featured Ice-T.

Frost is also an accomplished actor appearing in several films, as well as doing voice roles for fictional characters such as T-Bone Mendez from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and contributing his song "La Raza".

He was named Vice President of the Music Division of Goldmark Industries on August 30, 2006. Frost also appeared in a cameo role in Snoop Dogg's "Vato" music video, as well as B-Real that same year.

Scoop Deville

DeVille has produced songs such as "The Recipe" by Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr. DreKendrick Lamar 'Poetic Justice' Ft. DrakeSnoop Dogg 'I Wanna Rock' ft. Jay Z , "Wait Until Tonight" by 50 Cent, "(Haha) Slow Down" by Fat Joe featuring Young Jeezy , Busta Rhymes 'Calm Down' ft. Eminem .

Adidas featured DeVille in the 2013 Los Angeles Lakers "all in for l.a." advertising campaign, alongside Dwight HowardGeorge Lopez, B-real and several other celebrities.,2013 he released Scoopaloops, Vol. I. The lead single, "Losing My Religion" featuring Travis Barker was premiered on Los Angeles Radio Station KROQ's Kevin and Bean Morning show. In 2014, DeVille was nominated for a Grammy in the categories of "Best Rap Album" and "Album Of The Year" for his production on Kendrick Lamar's major-label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city

Fernando Cavasos

Fernando Cavazos, founder of Pig Sound, is a music producer and recording engineer who has worked on multiple successful albums with artists of international acclaim. In 2008, Fernando received a Grammy Award for his mastering work on "Te Va a Gustar", an album interpreted by El Chapo de Sinaloa and last year received his second Grammy with los Tucanes de Tijuana for Best 2012 NorteƱo Album
Fernando has fully engineered many of their albums. and also produced the pop version of the album's "Amante de lo Bueno" single "SIn Ti Soy un Loco".
For world-renowned recording artist Luis Miguel, Fernando offered his creative talent in co-authoring the final song "Que Hacer" on Miguel's immensely popular album "33."
Recently at Los Angeles based Pig Sound Studios, Roberto Tapia finished "La Batalla", one of the highest-selling albums in both the 
USA and Mexico. Working with a completely different musical style for Aaron Diaz, Fernando also recently finished his new album "Enamorate de Mi", a Big Band jazz effort that enjoyed a major CD release in Mexico City.
At Pig Sound , we wish to share our years of experience to bring your music to the highest level of sonic perception possible. Let your musical creations merge with both our state-of-the-art technology and our ears, and you will hear your work come alive in ways you never thought possible.  
Whether you are just beginning your project or are at final 
mastering stage, please let us help you make it all that it can be!

Geo Abad